Very Special People Frederick Drimmer


Published: 1973


413 pages


Very Special People  by  Frederick Drimmer

Very Special People by Frederick Drimmer
1973 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 413 pages | ISBN: | 4.57 Mb

A recent picture, posted on social media, reminded me of this book. The Hardcover edition, white cover, heavy grain pages, I read back when six or seven years of age. I say read, I mainly looked at the pictures, of which there were many in that original 70s edition.

those characters have remained with me, populated my nightmares and dreams and have inspired my own writings.The Caterpillar Man, The Human Skeleton, The Siamese Twins.The text when I came to it brought humanity to the shocking photographs. An important document for a child to read and see. The text is matter of fact non-judgmental reporting on the lives of these characters, many of whom travelled the world with P.T. Barnums circus.Having read Harry Crews work recently a link was found between these human oddities and their place within the world around them and the world of fiction.

All of us have scars and deformities, often internal, yet those who had disadvantages visible to all encountered stares and pointing wherever they roamed.Barnum believed misfortunes could be turned to profit.This, of course, is what art is.The author, Drimmer, does not attempt to explain or justify the concept of displaying human oddities for cash.And why should he? How is it any different from a Miss World Beauty contest? The cast of Special People for the most part here were able to make a good living. Visits with royalty, money, fame, the rise and fall of their careers are detailed frankly, straight-forwardly.Im glad to have returned to look at this book.

A book that raises a very difficult social and human question that has never been properly answered, at least not in my mind. Should we celebrate freaks of nature? Be it beautiful freaks or ugly freaks. A freak is something that by definition doesnt happen often.Should we hold up the beautiful or the ugly on a pedestal and admire them or simply look the other way?

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