He Opens Hes Eyes and He Closes Hes Eyes Terri Powers

ISBN: 9781425988678

Published: February 13th 2007



He Opens Hes Eyes and He Closes Hes Eyes  by  Terri Powers

He Opens Hes Eyes and He Closes Hes Eyes by Terri Powers
February 13th 2007 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | | ISBN: 9781425988678 | 8.28 Mb

Detailed in this book are the incidents which are often filed in a childs mind, unknown to the adults around them. Mostly, these are the misunderstandings of things a kid sees or hears, often taken literally, and mulled over in their heads for years- either until the kid brings it up and has it explained to him, or gets older and figures it out on his own. And in many cases, the adults who were originally involved dont find out about the kids confusion for years to come. Adults often do have their own ways of wording things, and most often, dont realize that a completely different picture is forming in their childs brain, many times an impossible scene.

I call these scenes Kiddie Perceptions. And, also, there are the times when an adult will take on the characteristics of a kid, and just act silly for the thrill of it. This is another form of a Kiddie Perception, often referred to as a second childhood. Added to this are the times when an adult tries something, hoping for the easy way out of a situation, when they should know better.

It always has a way of catching up to them, though. All of these types of Kiddie Perceptions are laid out for you to see inside. And all of the enclosed Kiddie Perceptions are true. Dont try this at home unless youre a kid, or dont know any better.

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